Spray On Window Tint?

I recently came across some spray on window tint when looking into inventive strategies to tint a compound curve window as witnessed in a lot of new motor vehicles. Tinting a compound curve is tough even for expert installers, and typically involves overlapping multiple pieces or heat shrinking the movie to the window. There may well be a much better way!

The spray on tint is a special alternative, if employed correctly. This can be utilized to the inside or the exterior of the home windows. Making use of to the inside will make the tint appear much better from the exterior, but considerably care must be taken to protect against overspray.

If you intent to put in the spray tint to the inside, very first tape off and deal with all the things near the home windows. Now clean up the home windows with a excellent glass cleaner and a lint totally free cloth. I counsel making use of an airbrush gun to implement the spray. This will allow for you to regulate the volume of tint coming by way of the nozzle. If you spray with much less tint and much more air, then you will be capable to get a much more even coating. If you don’t have that luxurious, then use the pray cans. Heat the spray cans in warm to sizzling water to truly liquefy the tint. Once the can is sizzling, shake it up pretty properly for thirty seconds or so. Keep the can about twelve inches from the home windows and spray a Incredibly light-weight even very first coat. Allow to dry. Utilize a second and third coat if essential to obtain the wanted shades, but consider the point out rules into thought.

If you strategy on making use of it to the exterior, follow the exact same technique as just before, using special auto not to get any tint on the painted surfaces. Clean the glass wholly and spray as described higher than. These tactics can also be employed to “smoke” or tint headlights, tail lights, corner lenses, and even chrome finishes. The consequence is truly impressive is time is taken to properly safeguard from overspray and to implement even coats.

Great Luck, and continue to be TUNED!

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