Restore Or Change Your Automotive Headliner

What can be done?

There have been some momentary headliner options provided in the earlier, these types of as those “twist in pins”, but they are at ideal a momentary answer to maintenance the challenge and will truly harm the headliner board, and result in far more issues when it comes time for a far more everlasting maintenance.

The ideal answer to restoring your headliner is to absolutely switch the material of your headliner. You could have that done skillfully, whilst that would be a fairly high priced answer. A substantially far more cost-effective answer would be a “do-it-your self headliner maintenance kit” that make this task a little something that anybody can do.

At we also offer a total alternative for the total headliner board, which comes pre-protected with the material color of your option. This solution is only avaialble for a really compact variety of automobiles.

What is a “Headliner”?

Most autos, vehicles, vans and SUVs after the mid 70’s have what is named a material protected headliner board. This headliner board is usually created from a pressed product, substantially like cardboard. That headliner board is then protected with a foam backed headliner material, which is glued specifically to the board. In most circumstances, the sagging or separation takes place when the headliner material separates from the foam.

What really should I obtain?

When on the lookout for a do-it-your self headliner maintenance kit, look for quite a few items. Initial of all, make confident you are obtaining a high quality product. Most headliner material comes with both 1/eight inch thick foam, or 1/four inch thick foam. It is usually ideal to go with the 1/four inch thick foam as it is far more durable and will give a better finished look. Make confident that where ever you obtain, you can get the actual color that you want a responsible headliner retail store will deliver you samples to match your present headliner. Maintain in head, that time and sunlight can fade your headliner, so look for a piece that has been shielded from the sunlight when matching hues.

Also, make confident that you get the correct measurement headliner maintenance kit. Cars, vehicles, van and SUVs all occur in distinct widths and lengths, so you want to make confident you obtain ample product to deal with the total headliner board. If in question, usually obtain a little extra, as it is effortless to lower it lesser, but difficult to make it larger as soon as you obtain it.

And last of all, make confident the headliner maintenance kit you obtain comes with ample glue adhesive. Normally, headliner kits incorporate a spray speak to adhesive. Usually a single can is ample for a compact van/SUV or vehicle, but everything larger will involve two cans of glue. Make confident the glue is particularly created for headliner fabrics and the higher temperatures that can develop inside of of a vehicle.

How do I switch the Headliner Product?

Without having likely into much too lots of specifics, the typical concept of a do-it-your self headliner maintenance kit, is that you scrape the present headliner product off your outdated headliner board and glue on the new product. Most high quality headliner kits will occur with the thorough guidance on how to do this. The most difficult portion of the career may perhaps be finding the headliner board out of your vehicle be confident not to harm the board in any way, or you will be in even worse condition then when you began. And don’t forget that the smoother you can get the headliner board in advance of you glue the new material in location, the better the stop consequence will look.

As you can see, changing or restoring your headliner product is a career that anybody can do. You just need a little time and endurance and you can maintenance that unsightly and dangerous headliner.

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