Powder Coating – Grounding Your Areas

If you are powder coating a steel element, it should really be grounded. The grounded element is what attracts the powder to adhere to the element. The improved the floor, the much less challenges you have. Generally a gun or the guns manage box will arrive with a little 18 gauge floor wire and a mini alligator clip that you can join to your element to floor it. I will phone this the “inventory” floor. The inventory floor continues through the manage box, through the wire it takes advantage of to plug into a wall outlet and just after that is a thriller to me. This is not a great case in point of a floor. No make a difference how great of gun you have, you should really have a Dedicated GROUNDING ROD.

Employing this floor method assists with faraday cage locations(the recessed locations and corners that powder just does not want to adhere to typically) and also when you are spraying extra than 1 coat. Just after you spray the first coat, the full element is insulated by the powder coating. A weak floor will not appeal to powder through this insulating layer and you will have challenges receiving your upcoming coat to adhere.

A floor rod is an eight toes very long bar coated with copper and has a sharp conclude. It can be acquired at your local Home Depot or Lowes for $ten.00, The rod gets hammered into the floor virtually completely. You want to go away about six inches earlier mentioned the floor to attach the wire to. You then attach this wire to your elements and your elements are now grounded incredibly effectively(most of the time).

Even though you are out buying the grounding rod, you should really also buy a grounding clamp, this is a clamp that only fits all over the rod and has a bolt to attach your wire to.

Also you will need to have some wire. My wire is ten toes very long eight gauge copper wire. If you need to have a actually very long operate of wire, you should really get a thicker gauge. Despite the fact that you want the shortest wire and the least amount of connections achievable to make absolutely sure you have a responsible floor. If you system on powder coating in your garage or store, you can really drill a gap in your garage floor employing a masonry bit, and hammer the rod through the garage floor down into the floor below. If you no more time want it in the garage, just pound it the rest of the way down and fill the gap.

What I did was install the floor-rod appropriate exterior my garage door, I set an upside down flower pot on top of it to hold any person from tripping on it, you should not want to get sued by the guy who checks my meter, afterall. It has a foot of direct wire with a little swift disconnect plug from Lowes. I coated the rod and connection with some dieletric grease to reduce corrosion. Then on my rack I have a 9 foot very long wire that I just join to the grounding rod wire. It normally takes much less ten seconds to plug in and is incredibly convenient. On my rack, the wire runs up the aspect and in excess of to the middle and it is soldered to my “learn hook”. I hold almost everything from this hook and it has worked incredibly effectively. Tests with a multimeter has verified the resistance from the floor rod to the element hanging on the rack is . The rod, wire, clamp, and connectors price me $16.

Also for all those of you that dwell in Florida like me, or other locations that have dust that is extra sand than dust, this can lead to this method to develop into much less economical. If you are even now obtaining floor difficulties just after employing the rod, wetting the region all over the grounding rod like you have been watering a plant will make for a improved connection to the earth.

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