Marek Reichman – The Aston Martin Designer

Marek Reichman was born in Sheffield, England in 1966, he gained his BA in industrial design and style in 1989 at Teesside Polytechnic, based in Middlesbrough, England. He is also claimed to have attended Teesdale College in Newcastle where he graduated with a 1st course honors diploma in industrial design and style and particularly car or truck design and style. He also studied car or truck design and style at the royal College or university of Art in London. Immediately after graduation, he started doing work for the Rover Team in Coventry England. In this situation, he helped design and style and acquire Rover’s flagship autos. In 1995, he joined BMW Designworks United states in California. He worked there as a Senior Designer and when BMW acquired Rover Team, he led the overhaul of the Land Rover design and style for upcoming models, the most important staying the completely redesigned 2003 Land Rover. In 1998, he moved back to London to establish a London based design and style studio that was capable of making whole sized models.&nbsp

In 1999,&nbsphe moved to Ford and worked as a chief designer. The situation he held was Director of Design for Item, Inside Design System and Course of action. In that situation, he led different superior and manufacturing design and style packages.&nbspHis situation also set him to operate underneath their Lincoln and Mercury divisions. For the reason that he worked underneath these sub divisions, he had his 1st speak to with Aston Martin. Ford Motor Enterprise team vice president of Design and Chief Innovative officer J. Mays was not delighted to see him go as Marek has verified himself in a variety of design and style positions during the business in the six many years he used with them. He was having said that, happy to see a new chapter open up in Marek’s profession lifestyle, allowing him to utilize his unique views on British design and style.

In 2006, Marek Reichman oversaw the manufacturing of the Rapide Strategy. This is a absolutely purposeful design and style examine of the 1st true 4 door sedan introduced by Aston Martin. This vehicle was made to be an tasteful 4 door sports vehicle that stayed true to all of Aston Martin’s ideals about their autos. Sporting 4 doors wasn’t it is only unique level. It is outfitted with 4 whole sized seats and an excellent luggage compartment that is accessed through a whole sized tailgate. This vehicle was made to open up it is very own unique advertising sector as an tasteful, 4 door sports vehicle made to carry the entire household with all of their possessions.

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