How To Mask Your Auto In advance of Portray

You will require:

1. 2 or three rolls 18mm masking tape

2. Newspaper (comprehensive dimension sheets)

three. Magazine (common dimension)

4. Security razor blade

Masking windows

Lay out on a flat floor, eight comprehensive dimension sheets of newspaper stacked on major of just about every other. Now pull out the bottom sheet about 25mm and operate a full strip of 18mm masking tape along the edge about 6mm on to the paper. Pull out the second to bottom sheet about 50mm, about the major of the 1st, and do the identical. Carry on until eventually all sheets are taped, overlapping just about every sheet about 25mm additional just about every time.

In advance of implementing the sheets to the windows, operate a strip of masking tape all over the edges of the glass or window rubbers. Pay thorough attention to make certain that the tape is not touching the paint do the job, or exhibiting aspect of a window rubber, or chrome molding. Press down the outdoors edges firmly as you go.

When this is concluded, peel off the major sheet of the earlier taped newspaper, and adhere the taped edge on to the tape utilized previously to the window, positioning the sheet to deal with as much location as feasible.

Now fold the overlapping edges inward so as not to lure dust, and tape the remaining edges on to the tape that surrounds the window. Test and use extended strips of tape relatively than quick parts. A extended piece stretched tight will sustain a straight line.

Side windows can typically be covered with one sheet, and entrance and rear screens two. Pretty deep screens may well call for four sheets.

Always tape joins in the sheets totally to avoid about spray having as a result of or the paper billowing up whilst spraying.

The razor blade can be utilised to trim any large surplus of paper from an uncomfortable condition prior to taping.

Masking moldings

Chrome moldings, doorway handles, small lights, etcetera. are best covered fully by tape. Headlights, rear lights, and bigger items, are additional quickly covered by applying the identical method as for windows, but by applying the lesser pages of a journal. Use the razor blade to trim surplus tape from any slim moldings.

Bumpers and grilles

These are basic uncomfortable, and are best tackled as for windows, but prior to taping, fold sheets size ways to supply a slim, additional easily dealt with condition. Don’t be as well fussy about remaining neat below the bumper edges. These places commonly stay apparent of weighty about spray.

Do a thorough recheck of all masking when completed, specifically the edges.


It is desirable to deal with the wheels totally, specifically if they are not to be painted. If they are to be painted, they may well be still left uncovered as tyre paint will deal with about spray on tyres.

Previous shirts make great wheel addresses. Sacks or previous sheets can also be adapted.


If the exterior only is to be painted, mask any doorway rubbers that may well be visible as a result of the gaps all over the closed doorways.

If the doorway-shuts are to be painted, the doorways opened through spraying, or the doorway rubbers have been taken out, it will be essential to deal with the seats and dashboard. Previous sheets or rugs are great for the seats, whilst newspaper taped to the inside of or the windscreen and hanging down about the dash, commonly shields this location. Make guaranteed that the edges of the dash are perfectly secured. Dash panels are extremely complicated to cleanse of overs pray.

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