How to Construct Your Pretty Very own Stretch Limousine

How a lot of occasions have you watched a limousine currently being pushed down the highway and considered to you, “guy that positive would be nice to have one particular”. The price of getting one particular however is the prohibitive factor for most persons. There is an affordable solution however and that is to turn the motor vehicle you now have into a extend limousine by following these easy effortless to comply with guidelines.

Begin Having Your Car or truck Aside

Your likely to start out by eliminating all of the inside paneling and seats, down to the issue where by the motor vehicle is very significantly bare inside. Up coming, you will have to have to climb beneath your motor vehicle and take away the push line and any brake fluid lines that are jogging up the beneath carriage.

Reduce Your Car or truck in 50 percent

Also, you will want to take away any wiring that is jogging the length of your motor vehicle the two inside and out. Up coming, take away all of the side home windows as perfectly as the doorways. Your subsequent action will be to get a saws-all and a pack of new steel cutting blades and noticed the motor vehicle in 50 percent.

Head to the Wrecking Property

Make positive that your slice line avoids any doorways for simplicity. Have a pal aid you to pull the two halves of your motor vehicle apart and set them up on blocks. Now head to the wrecking property and obtain a motor vehicle just like yours that you can slice a midsection chunk from.

A Overall of 6 Doors!

Deliver the chunk back and weld it in place. Now you have two added doorways in back, for a complete of 6 doorways in your motor vehicle! Grind and sand down your welding seams, end them off with bondo and then hit them with a very good coat of primer paint.

Simple As Pie!!

Consider your push line to a machine store, have it prolonged and start out to put your limo back jointly. Some of your inside panels will in shape and some is not going to, so you are likely g to have to do some resourceful upholstery perform. Your also likely to have to have some added extensive brake lines and an prolonged wiring harness. Hit the motor vehicle with a paint job and you are very good to go!

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