Feng Shui For Your Auto – Do YOU Have Great CARma?

As we all try out and pack in as many memories of fun in sun as we can ahead of the close of summer, we immediately vacation to and fro, cris-crossing throughout our city, point out or region. Even as fuel costs stay at historic highs, we nevertheless have a appreciate affair with our cars and trucks. The freedom they symbolize (even if we only vacation 10 miles to and from our positions!), the picture they undertaking (Corvettes and mid-lifestyle disaster, will need I say far more?) and the fact that they get us from Place A to Place B in a timely fashion just adds to the wonderful marriage we have with our cars and trucks. And, as lifestyle imitates the artwork of this column and I’m motor vehicle buying (!) we will explore how Feng Shui can assist you select the excellent motor vehicle!

***When seeking at acquiring a new automobile-how does it make you sense? If you despise the color, the fact that it really is a sedan or what ever, you will promptly despise driving the motor vehicle. Not superior electrical power or Feng Shui. ***

Now it must be stated that the pursuing guidelines are for ALL automobiles-of course, even golfing carts! (This is an real undertaking introduced to me by my mother to assist make improvements to her golfing activity AND for the golfing cart parade (I know) in her condominium neighborhood-continue to be tuned). Not only can Feng Shui guard you and your loved kinds from harm’s way, you can also increase your general luck and good electrical power. By looking at your automobile as an ecosystem that can have an affect on your mood, you can use Feng Shui as nicely to assist make driving far more enjoyable and safer action.

Do you get worn out as shortly as you strike the highway? Consider tying a pink tassel with bells connected to assist simplicity the sudden exhaustion. Try to remember, Purple is a Fireplace color and signifies motion and yang electrical power. The ringing of the bells will also assist retain you centered and warn. The tinkling of bells and chimes also helps to ward off damaging electrical power. I have a tiny Fairy chime connected to the rearview mirror in my motor vehicle-when I get “perturbed” on the highway or am seeking for the excellent parking area-I ring the chimes. Stupid, I know, but it will make me laugh (and the other occupant’s in the motor vehicle as nicely) at the silliness, which in switch raises the good electrical power in the motor vehicle.

As well a lot litter? As well many stops at McDonald’s and Starbucks, with the evidence thrown in the back again seat? Sporting tools strewn throughout the backseat and trunk? Does the front passenger seat glimpse like a remote workplace area with your Blackberry, iPod and data files strewn about? Have stuffed animals taken about the back again shelf so that observing out of the rear window is a distant memory? Whilst litter will be reviewed in later on columns, in Feng Shui conditions, litter is the bodily manifestation of our emotional baggage. When your automobile (or house/desk/workplace) is comprehensive of empty fast food luggage, overflowing ashtrays and empty h2o bottles, you are demonstrating to the entire world that you do not care about how you are viewed or what picture you present. You may also subconsciously sense that you are not deserving or self-assured (i.e. sensation like rubbish).

Whilst many of us vacation for perform and do not have a automobile devoted to perform only, it is imperative that you do your ideal to independent your own from your work. Preserve data files in a binder or tote, that way every little thing is kept in a person location. I do see the will need for the iPod (!) so that can slide. The Blackberry or other cell mobile phone must not be viewed as an appendage when you are driving! Use blue-tooth technologies or the option of mobile phone service by way of OnStar if you Will have to be on the mobile phone when you are driving for safety troubles.

***You must By no means be texting, IMing or examining emails Whilst YOU ARE DRIVING for safety reasons. ***

On a month-to-month foundation, you must do a extensive cleansing of your motor vehicle. This means vacuuming, wiping down/cleansing the dash and seats (specially if you have leather-based-make confident to situation it! This is a should if you travel a convertible). Get rid of all the rubbish that has gathered in the backseat, empty ashtrays and organize what should continue to be in the motor vehicle. My mother’s motor vehicle seemed like a sporting products retail store/closet ahead of we acquired her a golfing organizer! Shoes, golfing tees, golfing shirts, socks…you title it-moreover the golf equipment in the trunk not leaving space for nearly anything else-ended up all about the location. This with all of her coupon codes stuffed in a cup holder, sun shades in the other manufactured her motor vehicle a total mess. The golfing organizer was wonderful as all of her apparel, tees and other accessories ended up now put into a person location, not strewn about, and healthy into the trunk with the golf equipment. Thusly, liberating up the backseat. I have nevertheless to get her to “free of charge up” the cup holders-even though she does not have the venti latte addiction I have, so this isn’t really that essential to her-but I’m nevertheless working on her. Washing the home windows in your motor vehicle is also a should for safety-it really is generally superior to see exactly where you are going, specially at night time or in inclement climate! But from a Feng Shui perspective, clean up glass/home windows symbolizes Clear sight to the future and/or aims, as nicely as normal mild staying equipped to enter your area bringing in good electrical power.

***Make a position of cleansing your home windows with each fuel fill-up! Home windows are viewed as the “eyes” of the motor vehicle/property/workplace consequently they must be kept clean up to see plainly! ***

A terrific smelling motor vehicle also will make the journey go smoother. Ideally immediately after you do a extensive cleansing you must have no odor, but by using aromatherapy you can assist manipulate feelings when you travel. Have a extensive journey in advance of you? Use peppermint to assist energize you. Want to be far more peaceful and much less anxious on your each day commute? Use orange to assist de-tension. There are a assortment of motor vehicle diffusers out there-some plug into the cigarette lighter, some are simply terra cotta shapes that can be hung on the rearview mirror or placed in an unused cup holder (again with the empty cup holder!). I have a tiny terra cotta coronary heart, which hangs with the fairy chime, from my rearview mirror. I have a few of distinct scents I use dependent on my mood. These terra cotta diffusers are terrific in warm climate/climates, as the sun shines into the motor vehicle it helps to diffuse the oil/scent throughout the motor vehicle! I appreciate this.

Many of you have listened to of hanging crystals in your motor vehicle as nicely to assist convey in good electrical power. Crystals can also assist to break up and disperse stagnant electrical power. (Try to remember to retain your crystals clean up!). This is also a terrific thought-However-do not hold a crystal larger than 10mm from your rearview mirror. Anything at all larger appears like a massive disco ball hanging there, swaying back again and forth creating the motorists all over you to go blind when the sun hits it. Unnecessary to say, that is not superior Feng Shui!

***When acquiring crystals for your motor vehicle or somewhere else in your area, only invest in actual crystal spheres, points…what ever shape. Glass, plastic or other materials do not perform the same electrical power as actual crystal. Always question and validate material Before you purchase. ***


– Just as in ALL of your areas, your automobile must be clean up and fresh new-smelling to facilitate superior, healthier electrical power motion.

– DO NOT litter up the back again seat with apparel, stuffed animals, sporting tools, et al, as this will detract the good electrical power from you motor vehicle and generate a damaging, chaotic and stress filled ecosystem. If you do not Like it, USE it or Need to have it, GET RID OF IT.

– Some Feng Shui practitioners will explain to you to location fluffy cushions and/or blankets in your motor vehicle to assist balance the difficult, yang electrical power of the highway with a calming, comforting electrical power. I individually am a “much less is far more” kind of man or woman, nevertheless, if throwing a blanket in the back again seat or you sense the will need to “decorate” your motor vehicle with some accent pillows, go for it if it will not impair your driving. It must be pointed out that a blanket is a necessity if your dogs vacation with you and/or for emergency cases if you lifestyle in a colder climate.

– Significantly less is far more as considerably as things hanging from the rearview mirror-the days of fuzzy dice, graduation tassels up far more than one yr immediately after graduation (!) or nearly anything else that is big and will impair your driving (or things that will make other motorists scared of you) will need to be taken down. In Feng Shui philosophy, if this item falls off, it means it has safeguarded you from damaging electrical power, change it promptly.

– Use songs to assist set the mood for your travel-classical to unwind you on a extensive travel, some jazz for a supper day, typical rock for your commute…what ever sets the mood for you. I individually like Jimmy Buffet as it will make me assume of warm, sunny beach situations and transports me from the chilly and snow of WI. Try to remember loud, intense songs encourages intense driving-go away the NAS songs off for your each day commute.

– According to Calgary writer/inside designer Margo Trofimenkoff, you can explain to the gender of your motor vehicle by the placement of the fuel cap. As you face your motor vehicle from the front, if the fuel cap is on the suitable it suggests female, on the still left-masculine.

– Identify your motor vehicle (see earlier). If you have a own connection with your care, you are far more probably to take care of issues, retain it cleaner and retain up the upkeep in a timely fashion. (My car’s title is Tiffany centered on the color-sterling silver).

– Preserve your motor vehicle in superior working get. Get timely oil adjustments, retain tires appropriately inflated, change burned out lights and retain the window washer fluid loaded (it generally goes empty suitable immediately after a storm!).

– Make confident doors and home windows (as in any area) open up and near quickly and quietly. Any sticking or trouble will convey tension at the begin of each journey. A door that will not near appropriately will also trigger tension on the window, which can trigger it to crack/break.

– When parking, try out to go away a very clear path that lets an unimpeded entrance. It must also be pointed out that you must by no means park experiencing a property/workplace/developing as it can subconsciously generate a threat to the occupants in the developing-a sensation of the motor vehicle driving into the area. Park parallel or experiencing absent from the area.

– When selecting a color for your motor vehicle, the inside color is the most essential choice as this is the color that most directly affects you when driving. If you are not satisfied with the inside of your automobile, it will trigger you tension.

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