Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

The cowl trim tag was utilized on chevrolet cars during the common automobile era to file descriptions and put in solutions. The cowl trim tag is a skinny aluminum plate that was riveted to the firewall or “cowl” of GM common cars.

The cowl trim tag is normally mistaken to be the holy grail of common automobile identification. Sorry to say, it won’t expose each individual element about your common automobile.

Ok. So who desires to know these issues? Any person who appreciates which sequence of common cars were being a hot product, like an SS, would want to validate an SS sequence common automobile if they were being restoring or shopping for a person. If a common automobile were being substantially modified more than the years, you would want this details. Looking at the asking prices for some hot common muscle cars are now greater than new cars, you want to be confident you get what you fork out for.

Picture this…You’ve got not too long ago purchased a 1964 Impala that seems to be like it really is viewed better times. Someone in the car’s past considered it would search better in white paint with a purple crushed velvet interior… with dingle balls. It just has to go back again to initial, you wouldn’t be viewed useless in that interior.

So let’s search at the cowl trim tag on this sixty four Impala and see what it states. Preserve in mind the format for the cowl trim tag is distinctive for other ranges of years. This format only applies to years 1964 via 1967.

  3. Type sixty four-1847 AT013173 Overall body
  4. TRIM 874 975 PAINT
  5. ACC E 2KS
  6. THIS Car or truck Finished WITH
  8. Overall body BY FISHER

Line two in this cowl trim tag has the output date code. This is important when Common Manufacturing Solution codes (RPO’s) could have transformed at some place during the model calendar year and you want to be confident which choice belongs on your automobile.

Line 3 is the model calendar year-system model, assembly plant and chassis quantity. The system model quantity states it was a v8 model two door sport coupe. AT indicates the automobile was assembled in Atlanta. The chassis quantity would only suggest anything if it were being anything special like the initial sixty four Impala made. The chassis quantity is also in the VIN.

Line four is for the trim code which tells us about the interior, and then the paint code. In this scenario we want to know that the interior was accomplished in purple cloth with a break up entrance bench seat. The paint was two tone, Desert Fawn on top and Sunfire Purple on the decreased 50 %. Hmm, that seems like a nice colour mixture!

Line 5 is the accent code. This line is created up of one-5 groups of codes. This cowl trim tag only has the initial two groups. If the cowl trim tag has no codes in the other groups, you ought to suppose individuals solutions were being hardly ever put in. The E in group a person tells us it has manufacturing facility tinted glass all close to. The quantity two delineates group two, K is air conditioning, and S is manual rear antenna.

How would we use this cowl trim tag data? If we necessary to change some glass, we might search for tinted home windows, or if the rear antenna was lacking we might know we had to change it.

This isn’t going to expose anything excellent about the automobile besides that it would be helpful data if the automobile was lacking indicated parts. The choice codes would be in group four of line 5 if the automobile were being an SS. Since there are none, we know we have a two tone purple and beige two door v8 sport coupe with manufacturing facility air. In this scenario, this data helps a whole lot!

You would use the details located on the cowl trim tag in addition to Suffix Code Guides, and alongside with Manufacturing facility Portion and Casting Amount Guides in order to get the complete photo. Collectively with the Manufacturing facility Store Guide and Assembly Guide, tearing down your common automobile and re-assembling it is almost like paint by quantity.

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