Car Purchasers Beware: Oh My God! View Out For The Chook Poop!

If you have recently bought a new or used automobile, upon closing the deal, you may possibly have been made available an prolonged warranty, a tire street hazard warranty, and/or dent repair insurance policy. But how about insuring your vehicle’s paint from fowl poop? Spilled coffee on your seat? No challenge we acquired a prepare for that far too! No concerns! Insurance plan–does it at any time finish?

Paint security insurance policy is an additional ingenious marketing prepare that nets large numbers for automobile dealers. Who would have considered automobile wax could develop into so lucrative?

Simonize, a veteran in the automobile wax market, is the leader in the paint and upholstery insurance policy organization.

Simonize makes use of a Teflon-based mostly wax to shield paint from acid rain, tree sap, the aspects, and certainly, fowl poop. The interior is secured from coffee, soda stains…and many others. All of these are pretty destructive to your automobile. And certainly, Teflon is the same non-adhere content used on frying pans.

The total insurance policy/wax treatment method is referred to as Simonize Program 5.

The purely natural occurrences stated above are not lined by manufacturer warranties, as a result Simonize techniques in to fill this warranty void. The Simonize Program 5 Safety Program gives coverage of the paint and upholstery for five years, unlimited mileage.

Essential Disclaimers

Simonize Program 5 does not shield from the most popular paint and human body ailments these kinds of as dings, dents, scratches, and incidents. No “wax” could.

Also, Simonize does not and can not shield from cigarette burns or the normal don and tear of an interior.


In accordance to Simonize, the treatment ought to only be utilized by educated specialists. I have requested those in the organization who basically use the merchandise, but they were not able to converse English. I am positive they comprehended the coaching software taught in English…right?

Filing a Claim

It is uncomplicated and straight ahead. Your company centre just needs to fax an itemized estimate to Simonize and voila a check out comes in the mail.

How Much Do These Ideas Expense?

Safety strategies charge many hundred dollars. You could be encouraged to conveniently roll it into your financing. Never!

Should I Purchase The Simonize Program 5 Safety Program?

Completely Not!

Do I Need to Defend My Paint?

Completely! Wash and wax your automobile regularly…Hint: never ever clean your automobile with dish soaps–they contain detergents which strip any protecting wax from your automobile.

You do want to wax your automobile, ideally with a premium wax. It would not have to be Simonize Program 5. Any premium wax will offer the same security from acid rain, the aspects, fowl poop…and many others.

Why is this security even made available?

Earnings infant! In the highly aggressive market place of vehicle profits, automobile dealerships are locating ingenious strategies to increase/keep income margins.

In the finish, despite the actuality the Program 5 is a fantastic merchandise the added cost of a security prepare does not make economic feeling. The odds of at any time obtaining to file a assert for a spot or blemish (that would break the bank, or that you’d even care about) are not in your favor.

Great waxes to take into consideration…

  • Moms
  • Meguiar’s
  • Even Turtle Wax is improved thank almost nothing, and it really is low cost!

Recall, all insurance policy is a gamble.

Waxing your automobile to shield from the aspects is a must.

Chook poop insurance policy is a load of crap!

Save your funds!

For more automobile repair aid and typical information on a variety of automobile repair insurance policy and vehicle security strategies visit our automobile repair aid resource centre

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