All New Self-Adhesive 3D Twill-Weave Black Carbon Fiber Sheet

Carbon-fiber has been a real trend “heat” for automotive business.

For Luxury vehicles this sort of as BMW, Mercedes or Lexus, advertising the carbon-fiber inside trim has been equally essential as having a potent engine.

In the aftermarket industry, the light-weight-bodyweight carbon fiber has extensive been preferred for the racing local community this sort of as the carbon fiber hood, spoiler, and trend intelligent for spoilers, lips and inside decoration.

Listed here we are introducing the new 3M Model self adhesive 3D Twill Weave Black Carbon Fiber Sheets, perfect for automobile inside and exterior aesthetic decoration Do it yourself.

This is by significantly the most preferred Twill-Weave carbon-alike sheet, with no the superior price tag of true carbon-fiber material and the really intricate installation.

This special sheet is made of UV resistant vinyl that attributes a carbon-fiber textured end. Unlike those low-cost carbon sample printed on a sheet, this true 3D texture resembles the real appear and experience of the dry carbon, the weave demonstrates light-weight the similar way as the true carbon material would be.

Just use your creativity this carbon fiber sheet can transform everything you want into a attractive carbon appear with no paying the carbon-fiber price tag.

Merely utilize this superior good quality carbon sheet to everything area.

For automotive automobile-intelligent, this sort of as entrance hood, rear trunk area, spoiler, lips, side pillar bars, rims, side mirrors, door handles, windshield, inside panel and trims, and so forth.

Other than vehicles, you can also utilize this sheet to enhance the mobile cell phone, notebook, speakers in both of those property and business.

Highlines for this solution

  • Long lasting acrylic force-delicate self-adhesive
  • Stretchable with heat, simple formed
  • H2o resistant
  • Conveniently cleansed with drinking water
  • Prolonged long lasting
  • Effortless Get rid of

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